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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Here goes nothing....

Sarah keeps saying....you've got to post something on your blog. This seems crazy. Why does anyone want to read my "ramblings"? Maybe, they really don't and I'm good with that. So, tonight, I'll use this as my journal.....

My life is spinning totally out of control. I go to work everyday and help people make their homes beautiful....help them "get it together"....act like a marriage counselor for couples who can't agree on the family sofa fabric....tell other peoples children that "mom is right", that really is a nicer color for their bedroom walls. And while I'm pretending to know what I'm talking about, my thoughts are on the battles I will have to face when I walk in my own home. Let's see....battle #1-My mom's crazy ass boyfriend telling me how to grill meat #2-Did my 13 year old, raging hormone son get suspended from school again this week #3-Which one of my teenage daughters was swapping spit with the boyfriend we have forbidden her to see #4- Is my husband wanting sex tonight and I'm just not in the mood or will it be the other way around...of course we won't be on the same page...no way we could both want it on the same night.

Wow....wouldn't it be nice if I was leading the life everyone thinks....you know that perfect little, lucky me life....HA HA HA!!!


  1. I feel this way a lot! Of course, I don't have a mother's bf up my ass or a teenage daughter with a forbidden bf to deal with when I get home, but I still empathize. There are so many days at work where I'm thinking, "Blah blah blah, I can't pretend to care about this crap for one more second!"

    I think if any of us felt like our "perfect life" facade was working ~ or felt like we had perfect lives to pretend about ~ we wouldn't be here! (That's why I'm here anyhow...) :P

  2. lol welcome to blogging. i don't think anyone really has a perfect lucky my life... and we're all much more interesting because of it :)

    good luck with the homestead. looking forward to reading more!

  3. Thanks guys for the comments....I guess life wouldn't be very interesting if things were perfect. I think I'd choose interesting over perfect anyday. :-)