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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Just feelin happy.....

It is funny how a song, a movie, or a piece of art can influence your mood....change your day....make you happy or sad. Since we know this to be true, why do so many of us choose sad songs to listen to, horror movies to watch, and boring drab art to look at? Maybe, because it is important to be "down" sometimes, so that we can appreciate and see the "high" times. All I can say is ....today, I choose bright and happy. Life is good!!! AFTERTHOUGHT......Maybe I wouldn't be so happy today if things hadn't been so bad lately. Regardless, I'm just glad today gets to be a happy day!!!


  1. A lot of my favorite songs are downers.. but I think I like knowing someone else has felt the same sad feelings I've felt and helps to know I'm not alone :)

  2. I love the art that you post, with all the bright colors and everything! Is it yours, or a local artist or someone else? Either way, I love it! It cheered up my day just looking at it. :)

  3. beautiful painting! It does make me happy :)
    I agree with Sam, sad songs are often helpful if you're having a hard time with something similar to the song.